Sunday, July 1, 2012


Spirit of the Marathon Poster

I have a confession; We do not have cable.  Gasp!  It really doesn't have much to do with the monthly fee - although we don't like having to pay so much mula for it.  We haven't paid for cable since 2006.  We settled on an antenna in our attic.  It is only sometimes annoying, like when a plane flies over for instance.  As long as the airport and I coordinate so they don't need to land during the Bachelorette we are all happy.  But for some reason they won't call me back.  I don't get it, I only wanted to ask.

 Someone *cough*  may have forgotten to order a Father's Day gift with enough time for it to be delivered on time, so we now have a free trial of Amazon Prime - free two day shipping is magical - One of the perks for Amazon Prime is the free shows and movies.  We are documentary dorks, so this weekend we decided to see what they offered.  (I swear my rambling does make sense...)  We came across Spirit of the Marathon.

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This movie was great.  I can't lie, I did doze off for about 10 mins, but such is the life of a Mother of three.  I was particularly moved by Kathrine Switzer.  She is the one who made it "acceptable" for women to run.  She is truly an inspiration, and left me wanting to write her a thank you note.  I won't tell you exactly what she did, but you can visit her website (just click on her name) to learn more about her.  After you read her story, she will leave you looking forward to your next race - because she is largely to thank for making it all possible for women. 

This weekend I am grateful we don't have cable AND that I, *I mean someone*, forgot to order a Father's Day gift.  Because without those two things, we wouldn't have found and watched this movie. (Told you it would all come together :) )

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