Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Traveling = Busy Month

I have been in and out of town- mostly out- for the past few weeks. Getting ready for our trips was a bit stressful, but once we have left I have been relaxed and am having a fabulous time.

I just wanted to share some fun foodie things from my visit to Kansas City, MO.

First my sister in law took me to the best ever farmers market. I have never seen anything like it. Huge bags if veggies for 5/$1, tubs of peppers for $1, a full spice shop, and more. I wanted to go home a cook so badly. The colors and smells there left me totally inspired. I really need to find a similar market back home...

My brother and his family also treated me to some real Kansas City BBQ. It was insane. Definitely in the top two BBQ places I have ever eaten. I had the pulled pork sandwich and I wanted to cry with every bite - it was that good.

Thank you Kansas City for teaching me how much produce G
should cost, and what BBQ should taste like :)

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